Attracting Traffic With WordPress- Plug-ins & Tools

Do you have adequate traffic on your website? May be you think they are enough. But you can never say ‘NO’ to more clients or sales. So now thinking of strategies to increase your clientele? You must have stumbled on sundry websites with disparate approaches to amplify website traffic. We have summarized all plausible tactics intended for you. Here is a fusion of some plug-ins and google tools. Let’s check out those:- Plug-ins: An additional ...


50 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Once decided to launch a great website for your business. Well, first of all, you certainly need the best suited WordPress Templates. Themes modify your website giving it a user friendly experience and appealing features. WordPress is an open-source framework offering thousands of resources with plenty of resources- free themes, free plug-ins, etc. Above all, you have great options of choosing free themes. As a result, you can go with any of the free templates.


The Newest Features of WordPress

WordPress is the first word that strikes our mind while initiating designing a website. There have been major releases of versions with spectacular features over the past 4 years. WordPress is ahead in the market with its extravagant features and ease of access. Introduction of WordPress 5.0 has got attention of community of developers. Finally, the most anticipated WordPress 5.0 is out after the release of its Beta and RC series. It is the one ...


Best HTML5 Development Services Company

At Inqsys Technologies, we verbalize computer, so we know what’s best when it is programming and developing software. Our experts can handle your demands with this programming language smoothly. First of all, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML (a programming language).Consequently, it allows modifying web page contents and appearances. Coupled with new elements, attributes and a superior set of technologies, it creates a more diverse and influential websites.


Best WordPress Development Company

WordPress has always been the most sought Content Management System (CMS).  Anyone who considers initiating a website, they choose WordPress; so do we. This platform allows designing any category of website like an ecommerce, a blog, etc. We need an expert WordPress Development Company to get our business online. WordPress has many benefits apart from being widely used. It allows different plug-ins for additional functions and also gives a full control of your website. Our ...


Two easy ways to Disable Gutenberg in WordPress 5.x

Did you recently updated your website to version 5.0+? You must have recently updated your website to wordpress 5.0 or some hosting provide auto update must have updated it automatically. I am sure the very first thing you will notice when see your wordpress dashboard was a strange Gutenberg editor overlapping your existing page editor, this was my story as well and I will share how I got rid of this easily in seconds. So ...


How To Make A Website In WordPress?

The initial step that one has to follow in making a website with WordPress, is to get hold of a hosting company. Though free website, is a much in demand option nowadays, there are many limitations. Free things do have other costs to be incurred. These free websites will have a limitation on the design and style functionality and the most irritating part is that the website could be flooded with advertisements. In case of ...

ways to make money WordPress website blog image

10 effective ways to make money from WordPress website

It can easily be observed that for a talented and skilled person, there are numerous ways to make money from WordPress. Apart from conventional ways of earning money, some exciting ways have been emerged as well. Nowadays we can work online and make a lot of money. We can work as a freelancer which is possible only because of the internet. There are various ways of earning online, but for now, I would like to ...